Humpity Day: One Way or Another…

Just Because!

Who couldn’t use a pretty in pink kiss on Hump Day?

I might’ve had one because — you know — caramel… chocolate.


A gal has to get through January one way or another.

You know. After the breakfast smoothie crammed with all the vibrant fruit and veggie colors and the peanut butter or the almond butter and the this and the that.

After the quinoa and lentils and more vibrant fruit and veggie colors and boneless, skinless whatevs.

After a liberal dose of turmeric… and some coconut anything.

A pretty in pink kiss just hits the spot.

Because — you know — caramel… chocolate.

Winter vibes.

Go ahead. Grab one.

Here be Humpity Day.

I’m okay with that. You?


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