Humpity Day: A Siren Call…

That Red Though!

This is The Great George Hotel in Charlottetown, taken September, 2012. I love all the reds. All the reds in the land. I gave you a side view last Friday in Look This Way 20. That red is a siren call.

In Other News ~

In yesterday’s post I asked:

What’s your salt fix?

French fries? Potato chips? Cheetos? Vegetable chips? All the nuts? A salt lick?

What? Whaaaat?

This being my answer:


First, let me say. I love salt. I love salt over sugar. I could step up to a salt lick. No problem. As kids, we used to suck on lemons sprinkled with salt. Is that a southern thing? But I watch sodium intake now, which means the Lay’s Classics, which I love, and the pretzels, which I love, and a whole bunch of other salty goodness is a no-no… most of the time. I’ve been known to fall from grace. For a salt fix, I’ll munch an olive or two. No. Not ten. Two. But I’ve had to have had been living a sodium-reduced day for the splurge.

I may be hearing more than one siren call. Mebbe.

And that is my sorry, salty salt-free tale.

Here be Hump Day.

Shuffles towards Thursday.



5 thoughts on “Humpity Day: A Siren Call…

  1. I once painted a wall in my son’s bedroom red (not my idea, just do as I’m told) . Repainted it in a week with a nice off yellow (covered in one coat, thank you M Stewart). Having strawberries on my cereal right now, in you honor (Costco’s for $5.99 and delicious). And they’re salt free, like my pretzels🥨🍓🥨🍓🥨🍓!

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