Humpity Day: I feel a twirl coming on…

Garden Baes!

Yes, these be my garden baes. I love the lush grey-green leaves on these cherry tomato plants.


I might’ve picked a few today.

Mm. Mm. It’s what’s for snack.

All gone.

In Other News ~

In yesterday’s post I asked:

What’s your favorite card game?

I’ve narrowed mine down to three.

Cribbage — Who doesn’t love a card game with pegboard and pegs. Round and round we go.

Mille Bornes — It’s a 1,000 mile road trip in card form with hazards and remedies and safeties along the way. And the great coup fourré! I feel a counter attack coming on.

Go Fish — It’s a childhood thang.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just twirl right into Thursday.