#TBT: Say what now?…


Thursday is punctual, I’ll give you that.

Tomorrow is our anniversary, so I’m thinking about romance in a big way.

I’m also thinking in Friday’s post you just get that unsigned birthday card, I mean image click drop.

Who else is thinking about that line from French Kiss?

Just me?

Moving right along.

And that — that being romance — got me to thinking about this A to Z Challenge post in a big way.

Let’s throw.


Romance, Radishes, and Rolaids…

I was talking on Sunday with good writer friend Keziah Fenton about A to Z Challenge, so you have her to thank for today’s post. It went something like this.

Her: How is A to Z going?

Me: It’s more challenging than NaBloPoMo. It’s the whole theme thing. I look at A to Z like I’ve never seen the alphabet before.

Her: What letter are you on?

Me: Q

Her: Quinoa. Quest. Queasy.

Me: I think I’ve got Q settled because — you know — Single Shot Monday.

Her: Romance. Radishes. Rolaids.

Me: The challenge is — How to make it funny. How to put my own spin on it. How to mix it up — short and long posts, images — to keep it fresh and interesting. I don’t want to get boring.

Her: You’re not boring.

Me: [pause…thinking…pause]

Her: Stash. Snowdrops. Slushes & Smoothies.

Dang. She’s good.

So be it.

Today, for the Letter R…

Romance, Radishes, and Rolaids.

Watercolor Kissing Couple


I’m for it. Except when I’m agin’ it. Mostly, I’m for it.


We hates ’em, our precious.





Feel free to add your own “un” word here.

Unless, of course, you are a radish-lover.

And I’m saying radish-lover like some people say tree-hugger.

If you are a lover of the radish — well, we can be in a friendship, but never in a romance.

And you might have need of the Rolaids.

Just sayin’.


Stack of antacid tablets

Antacid. “Consumes 47 times its weight in excess stomach acid.” (1972 Rolaids Commercial)

You can see the commercial here.

This is how it starts…

Go ahead.

You know you want to.

Thus endeth the Letter R.

Thank you, Keziah!

Here be Tuesday and the 18th letter of A to Z.


(April 2015)


And that’s how we’re rolling this Throwback Thursday.



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