Tuesday Post: City Kitty Approved…

Autumn Vine

Never underestimate the value of an alley view. There are all sorts of hidden secrets there. Like this beautiful vine on the side of a garage… all dressed up for autumn with its purple berries.

Go ahead. Click it bigger. You know you want to.

In Other News ~

The pumpkin pie is gone.

It was epic.

But now it’s gone.

Unfortunately, I had to share it with a bunch of other Thanksgiving revelers.

What’s up with that?

Thanksgiving weekend was rainy, wet, foggy, cold. In no particular order.

We went sun-peeping. There wasn’t any.

An inordinate amount of time was spent in the kitchen making the house smell wonderful.

An inordinate amount of time was spent in a Thanksgiving stupor Netflix-ing Hallmark movies.

City Kitty approved.

That’s a wrap.

Tuesday, y’all.


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