I suggest you pick up speed…

Happy Halloween all you ghoulies and ghosties.

All you tricksters and treaters.

We’ve got the perfect Halloween vibe going on in Burbville. It’s rainy and darksome. Autumn color abounds. Lots of leaves on the ground for all the creepers out there. Lots of leaves on the trees to flutter and glow in the dark of night.

There’s a spider web across the street sooooooo big that I don’t even want to open my door. Mostly because I haven’t figured out where the spider is… yet.

The front of one horror of a home has become a gaping mouth of razor-sharp teeth. Yikes!

I think I’ll just man the door this year.

Stay safe.

Have fun.

If something rustles behind you, I suggest you pick up speed.



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11 thoughts on “I suggest you pick up speed…

  1. Nice spirit, there, Elen. When I was a kid, I yelled ‘BOO!’ to the prettiest girl in class. She said, ‘Yikes! You almost scared the pants off me!’ I thought a minute, then yelled, ‘BOO!BOO!BOO!BOO!BOO!’ (It didn’t work…😂😝😁🎃

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  2. I adore Halloween, but we got fewer and fewer trick and treaters as the years went by until now? We have none. Living too far out in the country, with the houses too far apart makes our road a bum deal for the little candy hogs.

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