Big ol’ can of entertain…

Last Wednesday, we jumped in the vehicle of motor for another little roadmance. We headed down the 407 to Stratford, Ontario to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival to see this…

Well, now. That was just a big ol’ can of entertain.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Of the dance variety.

This is a mega musical tapping from one outrageously fun number to the next.

It’s all about the tap.

And the costume change.

The stellar ensemble cast is a delight to watch. I have loved Cynthia Dale (playing Dorothy Brock and featured right there on the playbill) and C. David Johnson (playing Frankie) since Street Legal, a Canadian television series depicting the personal and professional lives of a Toronto law firm, aired on CBC from 1987-1994.

My favorite number in the show was Shuffle Off to Buffalo, hands down. Have mercy! I wanted to run right out and buy a pair of thigh highs and tap shoes. We’re In the Money was a close second.

@stratfest, aka Lisa, Director of Marketing for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival was brave enough to recommend four of her favorite local eateries. Thank you, Lisa!

Mr. G, honey and I decided to check out Boomers Gourmet Fries and head down to the water at the Festival Theater for a picnic nosh with the ducks and swans.

Now, the BGF experience is getting a post all its own tomorrow. It’s that worthy.

I’ll be clicking it out tonight because I’ll be all pumped up on anaesthetic and painkillers in less than 24 hours, and I won’t be driving or operating any heavy machinery like social media my mini notebook.

In the meantime, here are a few random Stratford pics.

Whatcha got in the bag? Huh?

Fine. Don’t share.

Stratford, Ontario is a lovely, little slice of small town Ontario.

Random street shot. Charming old buildings.

More random street shot. I think she might have a Boomers bag clutched to her chest. I think those guys think so, too.

I’m a sucker for a small town. I could be in a Sugarland song.

It’s all those architectural windows. They call to me.

If you have the opportunity, head that way. Go ahead. Google.

And be sure to grab some tickets for 42nd Street.

And go have takeout with the ducks and swans.