Just a little roadmance…

Everybody needs a break now and then to fuel the brain and relax the body, or relax the brain and fuel the body. Take your pick.

Today was such a day. It reached 55 Fahren in my neck of Canadaland, and I just had to  G e t   O u t   O f   T o w n .

So we did. We had a little roadmance; got a little roadmantic. (Thank you, Hyundai Canada) I kid you not. Both of those words were in my Hyundai Canada newsletter this month. I embrace them.

We went here and there. Took pictures of this and that, which I will show you in another post. Yeah. I left my camera in the car.

We saw our first top down riders — a middle-aged couple, with a teacup dog, in a dark convertible. It was a fast encounter. I only had time to give them a thumbs up and shout top down!

We did stop at one of our favorite places to eat when we’re being roadmantic — Nice-Bistro. (neeeece-beeeestro)

Just being there makes me happy. It has a wonderful feel-good vibe going on.

I love the proprietors, husband and wife team Manon and Bernard.

I took a few shots with my iPhone while we were there today enjoying some spinach & carrot soup (that would be me) and wild boar and Italian sausages with pasta (that would be Mr. G, honey). I did taste the wild boar sausage. It was delicious.

This bicycle is parked in the room of the ladies. I’m always tempted to ride it out of the restaurant. It sits below this…

How I love this wall. It’s almost the same color as my living room. It’s slightly darker, deeper, richer. I must have it.

That’s my water glass, just to the right of the bread basket. See the menu board? You’re looking at pretty much the width of the restaurant. There are two little alcove window tables at the front of the restaurant. That’s my favorite spot; the warm, sunny window. Both were occupied.

I live for that oil and balsamic vinegar. That is all.

This bar is a hub of activity for Front of House Manager Manon. Down that pretty little hall, you will find the room of the ladies, where the bicycle lives.

You will find images of a superior nature at their website here. If you go there, Manon and Bernard will greet you in person. Smile. Bring you wine. Feed you up.

Go ahead.

Be a little roadmantic.

Have a little roadmance.

What are you waiting for?

Do you have a little special place you like to dine or stroll on a play day?

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