If it’s Thursday, it must be…

I didn’t know it was International Women’s Day today, when I set the date and time for my celebratory I’m So Over Sugar 1/2 Spa Day several weeks ago.

It’s been 59 days of M&M Detox, which I wrote about here.

To pat myself on the back, I decided that a pedicure and some eyebrow tinting and waxing and threading would not go amiss.

I know. It sounds like a horror. It kind of is, and I always need a tissue to wipe my eyes after. But that could just be — you know — environmental sensitivities.

Now, I could slap polish on the bare-naked ladies, but I wouldn’t want to miss that calf and foot massage, nor the exfoliating, nor the creaming, nor the gossiping.

I was the only female in the mall in flip-flops on this March day in my neck of Canadaland. In fact, I was cruising the pantie bar at La Senza, and one of the staff said, “You’re wearing flip-flops. Did you just get a pedicure?”


Moving along.

This OPI Girl broke with tradition. Instead of getting my favorite I’m Not Really a Waitress red, I went with An Affair in Red Square. It’s a shimmering red, part of the Russian Collection. I thought this was the best picture of it. You can buy it in lots of places. Lots.

My feet could go to Acapulco right now. My feet could go to Palm Beach. My feet could go to Disney World! They’re ready for Mickey March Break!!

Sadly, I’m doing none of those things my feet are ready for.

My writer’s butt will be firmly planted in the writer’s chair, doing what writers do.

I’d console myself with sugar, but…

Refer to line one of this post.