Slow, but steady…

70 Days of Sweat - 2

The Sven Report 3 – 18500/60k

Only 41500 to go.

Sven just gave a little grunt. I hope it’s a little grunt of approval. It is. Isn’t it, Sven?

Have you noticed how Sven never says anything in these exchanges? That’s because Sven doesn’t have to. It’s all in the body language. Right now, I’m watching his tight backside as he strides off the mat. There is absolutely no drool involved. Absolutely n o n e .

Is that his shoulders shaking? Yep. Definitely.

He’s got another sweater in his sights. Run! Run, Sweater, Run!!

Give a shout out for the exclamation point today. It’s my guilty punctuation pleasure.