One straw short of a full nest…

Three days ago, I walked out the front door and found this:

nest_elengrey_april_2013 (956x1280)

And salvage/gleanings/construction materials here:

gathering_elengrey_april_2013 (956x1280)

There was no sign of the builder anywhere. But I was thinking — Oh boy. Here we go again. This has been going on for about three years.

Two days ago, this:

nest_2_elengrey_april_2013 (956x1280)

And salvage/gleanings/construction materials…

gathering_2_elengrey_april_2013 (981x1280)

Still, no builder.

One day ago…

nest_3_elengrey_april_2013 (956x1280)

Side view.

nest_3a_elengrey_april_2013 (956x1280)

Front view.

And salvage/gleanings/construction…

gathering_3_elengrey_april_2013 (980x1280)

And, the builder…

builder_1_elengrey_april_2013 (951x1280)

What was she thinking?

I’m thinking this robin is one straw short of a full nest. This is a very narrow porch. I skulked in the front hall to get these shots of the builder. I had to take them through the glass, so they aren’t as sharp as I would like them to be.

builder_2_elengrey_april_2013 (956x1280)

Busy little builder. Tucking in everything just right. Nice feathers, toots.

builder_3_elengrey_april_2013 (951x1280)



This is the furthest along any of the builders have gotten in the last three years. I don’t think she’ll stay.

The postman.

The G-pup.

The going in.

The coming out.

But if she does, she’ll have a nice little incubator there when the light goes on.


Note: Be sure to click on the images, so you get a bigger, better version of each. There were so many, I didn’t want to clutter the post.