TGIF and Feed Finds…aka Total Title Fail

I’d like to say, Houston, we have snow! But since I don’t live in Cordova, Alaska, currently buried in ZOMG 20 feet of it, the best I can say is snow on the ground.

We’ll just pause here to give a shout out to the Alaska National Guard, who are currently digging out the folk of Cordova.

It’s movie weekend at Hacienda Elen. We’ll be checking out the latest MI —

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

I could spend all day watching Tom Cruise run in a suit. It should be a little thrill-fest. Can’t wait.

Still on my To See list is: The Artist, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and War Horse.

You? What are you waiting to see? Have you seen any of these? Did you like them?

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For Penny Pinchers ~ @ Myndi Shafer, Myndi’s HAPPY HOUSFRAU: Detergent Solutions. Myndi’s blog is new to me, but I love her already. And I mean “penny pincher” in the best way. Clickety, click.

For Bloggers Everywhere ~ @ Kristen Lamb’s Blog, Lamb’s Here There Be Big Trolls – How to Spot Them & What to Do. What’s a blog troll? How you identify them. What to do about them. Kristen never disappoints. Click, click, click.

TGIF, baby!