Tuesday: I’ll Take You Down…

No Single Shot Monday.

Sorry. Not sorry.

So celebrating the eleventy-hundreth anniversary yesterday.

Downtown. Downtown.

Thank you, Petula!

When you live in the burbs, you are either going into the city or you are going into the country. The burbs is the no man’s land between, and I live in it.

So. We hit The Distillery District, Queen Street West, Chinatown, Front Street, and Queen’s Quay. Not necessarily in that order. Good times.

I am flagging today.


Here’s a little taste of the weekend field trip, which you will hear more about tomorrow.

IMG_1735_goats_1_elengrey_september_2015 (1280x1177)

Pfft! Dog. I could so take you on that agility course!!


Looks much like a Monday.

Get to it.

Workity. Workity.