We’re rolling out this Friday’s Happy Dance of JOY!!! — the creative brainchild of Author Lisa Kessler — with a little play on words.

1.45 mins in on this video, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Two-timing, baby!

This has got to be the happiest man alive.


I’m smiling. Talk about being in step. And the smooth transitions, mercy! Gary and Charlotte Chaney with Debbie Wheelis.

Me and Bobby McGee, sung by Rhonda McDaniel. Note: McDaniel’s link opens with music.

For Writers ~ @ Kristen Lamb’s Blog, Lamb’s The Seven Deadly Sins of Prologues. Click, writer, click.

For Small Space Lovers ~ @ The Inspired Room, Melissa’s Small House? Solutions for More Space… I love the ideas presented here for embracing living in small spaces. I’ve lived in a lot of them. Still do. The vertical, tiered, wire storage, so cute. And the bookcases!  Clickety, click.

For Spenders ~ @ The Art of Doing Stuff, Karen’s 3 Things You *Should* Spend Money On. Oh, yeah. Click. On. Over.

For Organizers Everywhere ~ @ Small Notebook, Rachel’s Organize the Spice Shelf. This is all about getting your spice act together. Oh, and pink chicks! Click. Click. Click.

TGIF, baby!

Strolling in Wonderland…

Come…, stroll across the floor.

The Stroll

This is what I think is going through their heads about now…

I wanna moo ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oove like Jag…

The Stroll was first performed by The Diamonds (1958) and written by Clyde Otis and Nancy Lee. Fun factoid: The Diamonds were from Canadaland.

I love finding music from the 1950s. Watching the dancers. Checking out the style — the hair, the suits, the bobby socks, the below-the-knee skirts and sweater sets. Oh, and those prim, little white blouses.


That’s my nod to Author Lisa Kessler’s Friday Happy Dance of JOY!

For Writers ~ @ Terribleminds, Wendig’s 25 Things You Should Know About Protagonists. I love Wendig’s 25 Things posts. I’m always learning something and upping my language skills. Click, man, click.

For Food Scallop Lovers ~ @ Steamy Kitchen, Jaden’s Scallops with Apricot Sauce. Come to mama. I love scallops and am just feeling brave enough to cook them myself. I seared some last week. Alas, they had no apricot sauce; but they were delicious. Clickety, click.

TGIF, baby!