It’s about the sneakers…

Warmer, sunnier weather brings more field trips. We made a trek into the city for Doors Open Toronto in late May. The University of Toronto has some fabulous historic buildings. It’s one of my fave walks, and this is one of my fave buildings — Burwash Hall — a residence hall of Victoria University at the U of T, built around 1913. This building speaks to me, so there must be a story in there somewhere. I intend to find it.

Burwash Hall, University of Toronto

Burwash Hall 2

Burwash Hall 3

This is a verra long building. Verra long. I’m showing you two different sections. In the bottom picture, if you look just above the windows, you’ll see a pair of sneakers hanging from the telephone wires. Yeah. Right there in the cloud. Dude, whoever you are, that must have been some exam week.

Mr. G, honey took the pictures for me. Thanks, sweetie.