Single Shot Monday: I might’ve written myself into a little trance there… +

Monday Feels!

Yes. This is my mood today.




I might’ve written myself into a little trance there.



As you learned on Friday, I’m participating in Jamie Oliver’s 5-Day Veggie Challenge. I’ll be posting pics of the dishes on my Insta here. They may or may not resemble Chef Oliver’s dishes. I am a cook in progress, aka Not A Food Blogger. Just sayin’.

I had to prepare the first two recipes Sunday night. Breakfast needed to bloom overnight in the fridge — much like myself — and I wasn’t going to be home to prep lunch on Monday, so I did that in advance as well.

Breakfast was a yogurt, homemade muesli, milk, fresh fruit situation, which I halved, because our family of two would not know what to do with 12 servings of that goodness. G-Man was under the impression that he was going to be eating it every morning for the next five days. When I explained that each day was a different breakfast-lunch-dinner menu from the previous, the frown uni-brow separated into two, and he tucked in.

And dare I say enjoyed it? Yes, he did!

He’s been real worried all weekend about this 5-Day Veggie Challenge. Worried as only a carnivore can be.

Lunch was a flavor-packed veggie chili starring the humble sweet potato. The real challenge for me is going to be swapping out fresh and dried herbs and veggies that just aren’t available in my neck of Canadaland at this time… or never. My herbs aren’t ready yet, and what is available at the grocers nearest me, I simply wouldn’t buy.

It is just too early, man. It’s all traveled so far it’s jet lagged.

That being said, lunch also got a thumbs up from G-Man. He’s my barometer because — Hello! Carnivore!!

And I’ll eat almost anything except the mighty radish or okra or…

Two down. Thirteen to go.

And Monday is in the house.

Eat your veggies.


Note 2: The top image was taken at Open Doors Toronto 2015 in Aga Khan Park.