Humpity Day: Carry On…

After the Train

This is what the subway platform looks like after the train pulls out. Once you’ve missed it by a second, a fraction, a hair.

I’m sitting on a bench. Against the wall. Never have I ever waited for the subway near the yellow line. My back is always to the wall until the train opens the doors for boarding. It can get windy down there. I can get dizzy down there.

In Other News ~

Monday was Family Day in Ontario. Not a federal holiday, but a provincial holiday. So. We did fam stuff. And by fam I mean G-Man, City Kitty, and me. City Kitty’s mama was traveling again. And by stuff I mean lounging around, reading, cooking, napping,  cat-napping and doing kitty chores. After we wore ourselves out doing that, G-Man and City Kitty watched me take down and pack away the last of the holiday glam. Yes, you read that right. I leave natural greens in containers, red bits and shiny silver bits out until after Valentine’s Day. It’s how I roll.

A stack of Christmas books on a chair gets swapped out for travel and gardening books. Colored tiles replace Christmas plates. Fave pieces of pottery and wooden bowls take up space where winter greens graced glass vases. Less shine. More earthy. More Elen.

About Town ~


Due to lack of cooperation from Mama Weather, we had to postpone our field trip on the GO to the AGO in TO — I never get tired of saying that — until Saturday. But Saturday we went and saw the impressionist exhibit — Impressionism in the Age of Industry. French impressionists focused on the industrial age in France, rather than “lush landscapes and sea vistas.” I was particularly drawn to the works of Maximilien Luce and Gustave Caillebotte. And James Tissot’s The Shop Girl. This exhibit is on through May 5, 2019 and requires an admission ticket. So worth it.

And after brunch in the AGO Bistro, we headed up to the 5th floor to see Mickalene Thomas: Femmes Noire. This exhibit, organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, will be here through March 24, 2019.

…a bold new collection of Thomas’s vibrant, colourful and provocative paintings, silkscreens, photographs, time-based media and site-specific installations exploring how Black women are represented in art and popular culture.

It is bold. It is vibrant. It is provocative. Go. See.

And that’s how we celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Here be Hump Day.

Carry on.