Think pink…

In the post Mellow yellow, baby!…, I showed you some of the yellow of the blue/yellow/pink theme going on in the home sweet garden this year. The irises are pretty much a memory until next year, but I haven’t killed the hanging baskets…yet.

I was away for three days writing/eating/shopping while the sweetie was doing business. While I take a moment to regroup, here’s… pink, baby, pink!

My favorite small garden rose. I think of her as Rosebud.

Pinks! Fragrant. A new edition to the home sweet garden.

C’mon. Open up for mama. The peony may be my fave flower of all time. All time.

Oh, Lupine. You crazy wildflower of British Columbia. I cultivate you. Year two.

Sometimes, we just like to pot.

Climb, baby, climb! This little beauty is new to the home sweet garden this year. Can’t wait to see what she does.

Next up — Chez Piggy, or maybe The Mill, or…

June. It’s in the air. Can you feel it?