Humpity Day: So… Winter

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow….Snow!

We’re doing this again. 14 inches was the official measure for Toronto earlier this week. Transit is still wobbly. And by wobbly I mean cough, sputter, die. Too cold for man or beast anyway.

This is a repost from February of 2014. It applies to Monday|Tuesday of this the last week of January 2018.

IMG_5851_snowswing_elengrey_february_2014 (1280x739)

This was early in the day on Wednesday when we were under a snowfall warning. Imagine my Big Air Quotes around snowfall warning. Most of the day was spent shoveling, snow-blowing, making snow angels, clicking pics, eating soup, changing gloves and caps, and making up words.

Words like —

snowvalanche, snownami, snowicane, Golden Snowtriever, snowsoon

I had to tug three pairs of wool socks on my feet and stuff them into my tall, rubber garden boots, and still snow got inside.

If you got close enough, with each shovel you could hear me belt out — Who you gonna call? Snowbusters!

That’s how I roll in a snowicane snowfall warning.

Those of you who had the nerve on Wednesday to put up pics on Instagram of your bikini-clad selves on a beach in Brazil, or your manly flip-flop-clad feet soaking up the sand and sun and fun in St Lucia… well, we can’t be friends anymore.

Just kidding.


My very pale skin can’t go to the beach anyway. Not without SPF 100, a shawl, a giant beach towel, and the mother of all umbrellas.

It’s a real beach thrill kill.

I’ll just kick back here in the land of snownami.


Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just bundle up until oh, let’s say spring.

Stay warm, folks! And have a croissant for National Croissant Day. Who makes this stuff up anyway?

Don the thermal underwears, cover everything but your eyes. You gotta see. Wear layers. Don’t take deep breaths of arctic cold air. Oh, forget it. Just stay indoors.