Fridaaaaay! + So…


Christmas Red!

One of my fave Christmas things. It’s a box made of layers of paper, I’m sure, that came one year to our house with some holiday napkins in it just that size. The square. So you know what size it is.

That red is what I’ve always thought of as the true Christmas red.

It always rests on a table somewhere during the season, because I keep it loaded with different sizes of wire hangers for ornaments and such. Who needs a napkin? Grab a handful of Christmas crack and stuff it in your mouth. Am I right?


Okay. Here’s how December went down.

Pre-December. Outdoor lights went up to avoid frostbite later. This is critical.

Pats self on back.

December 1 – Wreath on the front door, tree up and lights on.

Gives self a little hug.

December 3 – Tree decorated, fireplace bling, general holiday bling throughout. Holiday menus set.

What’s one hug when you can have two?

December 9 – Christmas cards flew out of the house. Those would be mine. G-Man had his done ages ago.

Let’s just have some nog.

December 15 – Last of Christmas cards out the door — mine! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! You know. Just in case your cards don’t arrive until January. Online shopping commences. Choices down to whatever can be delivered before December 24th.

Make that a double nog.

December 16 – Desperately hunting for the list of menus we agreed on.

Let’s just order pizza and beer and watch The Intern. Again.

I am that good this year.

Eight days until the eve. I should probably throw some flour on my face. That counts as baking, right?

Here be Friday.

Tell me if you’re all ready for the season… or not.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Never mind. I’ll be the one home with the pizza and the beer and The Intern.