Hello… 2020

Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s me.

It’s only been eleventy-hundred months, but who’s counting?

I don’t know how you started the new year, but I started it putting my underwears on inside out.

Is this a portent? If it is, I’ll take the momentous over the calamitous.

At least it wasn’t back to front or upside down.

How did you start your new year/new decade?


Yes, I’m back in the blogosphere again.

Where the longhorn cattle…

That can’t be right.

Moving right along.

Just hopping on to wish each and everyone one of you all the best in the coming new year. Welcome new followers!

I’ll be back Friday to give you a little window into what I’ve been doing these months.



Note: This image is a click of the newest handmade German ornament in my collection. Tick Tock. Yes, I made my annual visit to the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District.