Tuesday Post: Feel free to file this under…

African Blue Basil!

This is my African Blue Basil from September of 2015. Man, that sure is purty. Pretty, too.

If you don’t know anything about African Blue Basil, I wrote not a few things about it here.

Go on. Get yourself some next year.

In Other News ~

The Chained to the Paint project has stalled a bit. It doesn’t like days filled with appointments and events. It doesn’t like yardwork. It definitely doesn’t like blog time. To that I say… Shut your paint lid, paint can!

A blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do.

Also, I’m kinda contrary. Some would say obstreperous, but contrary is easier to spell and pronounce, though neither would fit on the New York Times Daily Mini Crossword. Does my sentence look too fat?

I do that mini puzzle on my smartphone every day.

It’s my mini puzzle crack.

Tuesday, y’all.

Feel free to file this under things you don’t care to know about me.

Just sayin’.