#TBT: Pastry Trumps Everything…



Hm. National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. I could manage two different colored socks day. I do that all the time, especially with the ankle socks or sockettes. But two different colored shoes would probably mean two different heel heights, and that’s just a sprain waiting in the tall grass, coming for me.

We’re throwing back to November 2014, which really isn’t that long ago, but this is one of my all time fave clicks, and I didn’t even take it. There’s a reason for that. A verra delicious pastry goodness reason.

Let’s throw.

Single Shot Monday: What Can I Say…

Single Shot Monday today is brought to you by the G-Man. My partner in crime photography and life.

Back at Market Square in Guelph’s downtown core. You’ll recognize the spot from here.

And why didn’t I get this shot, you ask?

Here’s how it went down.

We were strolling through Market Square in late October, taking in the color, the rain, the wet glory that is autumn. I walked by Eric the Baker, sniffed, pivoted, and walked right in the door. We had read about this pastry shop in a Guelph tourism magazine. I ordered a cappuccino and a piece of deliciousness times two, and squeezed into the small bar stool counter at the window with my fellow patrons.

Happily munching away, I took in the sights and scents of the bakery. Lunch items were already being prepped, and there was a constant flow of traffic between the register and door. Eric was doing a brisk business. No surprise there. I wanted to eat everything.

Back to the window.

G-Man suddenly jumps up and grabs his camera and is out the door. I tore my eyes from the pastry cases and looked out the window. A crowd was gathering across the street, and I could see a man and woman standing in the water pool outside of City Hall. Huh.

I happily munched and watched and thought about taking a shot of all the people taking a shot of the man and woman standing ankle-deep in water. But I was in the sugar zone. It’s my drug of choice.

Only they weren’t standing.

He was standing.

She was…

P1080767_rise_and_shine_october_2014 (1000x927)

Hover and click.

And he and she turned out to be illusionist Ted Outerbridge and dancer/illusionist Marion Outerbridge of Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries.

I hope they come to the Toronto area in the near future. Or even a day’s driving distance of the GTA. I’ll be first in line for a performance.

As for Eric the Baker, I guess pastry chef trumped illusionist. You can find Eric on Twitter at Eric the Baker [@baker6555].

Sorry I missed the éclair, Eric.

Next time.

And Monday floats in on an illusion.


P.S. Thanks for a great Single Shot Monday, Mr. G. (November 2014)

And that’s how we’re rolling this Throwback Thursday.