Mr. Whitaker, you’re my Oscar moment…

The blogging powers that be should probably just declare this Blog the Oscars Day.

I watch the Oscars every year. I call it my couture moment. This year did not disappoint. I thought the women looked sophisticated and gorgeous. I didn’t think Helen Mirren, one of my fave actresses, could outdo last year, but she did. She was a vision in red.

I loved the musical performances, each and every one. Amy Adams was amazing singing Happy Working Song with no backup group. You go, girl! Adams won my film-going heart in Junebug.

I was thrilled to pieces that Diablo Cody took home an Oscar for best original screenplay. Y’all already know what I think of Juno.

But my absolute fave moment was watching gentleman knight Forest Whitaker squire Marion Cotillard off the stage and wrap her in a big ol’ 6’2″ bear hug when Ms. Cotillard dissolved into a happy train wreck after winning best lead actress for La Vie En Rose. Can the man do comfort, or what? Sigh. Thank you, Mr. Whitaker. He gets my This Man Can Wear A Tux award, too. In a word. Yum.

That’s my take. Pictures abound everywhere. I’ve linked you to a few. And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.