Single Shot Monday: Things Might Get Ugly…

Hidden in Plain Sight!

Today’s weather notes are gray and damp with a hint of fog. In other words, it’s pretty gosh-darn-dang-it (We’re trying not to throw the f-bomb here.) graysome, so let’s bring in some yellows and greens and pinks and a bee or two. End of summer has the best colors.


Our plumber is in the kitchen snaking drains with the big guns — Sunday was not a good day — so it’s a bandana morning. Can’t take a shower until he’s solved the mysteries of the plumbing universe. The bedhead is totes out of control. Seriously, like someone strapped me to a chair and turned a wind machine on out of control.

I’m in need of lashings of decaffeine, and this was not the morning to run out of  mouthwash. I can’t even find a travel size under the sink.

In other words, you wouldn’t want to take me camping in the woods. Things might get ugly. Yeah, like I could live off the grid. Just going for transparency here.

So I’m in my writer’s cave above the garage, hunched over the keyboard, talking to you.

And Monday is in the house dead to me.

Time to do your work thang.


Note: This image was taken at Kew Gardens, The Beaches in August of 2019. The dog days of summer.