Humpity Day: Since I’m…

… raking leaves today.

Still Life No. 2

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

I’m an autumn girl.

I just ran inside to post this pic.

Don’t want to be burning daylight today. Weenter is coming.

Here be Humpity Day.

I’m good with that. You?

One of these days I’m going to write a long post. Probably when weenter gets here.



Single Shot Sunday: Looking down…

autumn_leaves_ontario_october_2013 (1280x956)

This is my favorite time of year for a walk.

I love the way the wind rustles the trees.

I love to see the last leaf clinging to a branch with all its might. The little leaf that could.

I love the way the leaves sound when they scrabble across the asphalt streets.

I love the way they look collecting on drains and hugging fences and pooling at the base of a tree.

I love they way they crunch under my feet, and scatter as fast as I can rake them.

I’m usually looking out or up when I’m looking for a shot.

Sometimes, you have to look down.

Sunday rolls around right on time.