Hump Day denial. I’m in the zone…

If you read my blog yesterday, you’ll know that I’ve just finished 30 posts in 30 days for the month of November. Check the side bar, baby! You’ll also know that I’m only going to be posting Mon/Wed/Fri for the month of extracurricular madness — aka December.

Can you believe that the first day of December falls on Wednesday this year? What were the odds?

So here I am. Again.

It’s December. It’s Wednesday. It’s Hump Day. All rolled into one.

I’m in Hump Day denial today.

It’s dark. Who cares?

It’s raining. Who cares?

My task list has run off the page. Who cares?

I have creeping laundry syndrome. Who cares?

My Kindle hasn’t arrived. Who cares?

Okay. I care about that one.

I’m in the zone. My happy place.

cute pictures of puppies with captions

That is all.

Are you in the zone?


p.s. I love Loldogs. See more here.