Take Me If You Can…

This is one of my favorite days in the publishing world — Release Day. I’m delighted to announce the release today of Karen Kendall’s Take Me If You Can. Karen has long been one of my favorite authors. If you’ve never experienced a Kendall read — Go. Buy. Read. And….Repeat.

The first in a new series about an agency that recovers stolen art, TAKE ME is a high-octane, international adventure story. Here’s a peek:

Take Me If You Can 2For art recovery agent Avy Hunt, no task is too risky when it comes to rescuing stolen treasures. Her latest mission is to locate the multi-million dollar Sword of Alexander, believed to be in the possession of master thief Sir Liam James. But there is far more to this heist than meets the eye, and what Avy doesn’t know can definitely hurt her.

In hot pursuit of the sword, Avy crosses the Atlantic to keep charming, sexy Liam under surveillance–only to find that he has been tailing her. Now Avy is going to have to make the toughest choice of her career: Get her hands on the sword, or take her chances with a thief.

“A sexy, riveting read!” New York Times Bestselling Author Christina Dodd

I can tell you this book delivers. Yes. I’ve already read it. For some reason, here in Canadaland, my pre-ordered copy was delivered Friday. It was a fast-paced, sexy romp through the world of art theft and retrieval. The dialog was sharp and the characters whip-crack smart & funny! Ava Brigitte was my kind of gal and, of course, I fell for Liam James. It has the best of To Catch A Thief and The Thomas Crown Affair — Cary Grant, Pierce Brosnan, and Rene Russo — rolled into one tidy package, plus the flavor of a PG Wodehouse.

Kendall’s characters touch me, not because they’re sexy, smart and funny (which they are), but because of the of vulnerabilities she chooses to give them. It’s one of her greatest strengths.

Karen Kendall’s new book, TAKE ME IF YOU CAN, is out today, April 1, 2008! Read an excerpt or order now from www.KarenKendall.com. ISBN # 978-0451223661.

April. Bring it!