Five things I do to procrastinate…

Here it is 11:11 at night, and I’m writing my post… because I’ve been procrastinating. All day.

But it’s okay, because it’s only 8:11 on the East Coast, so I’m doing not too badly. Not too badly at all.

We who procrastinate also rationalize.

Here are the five things I do when I’m in extreme procrastination mode:

1. Roll pennies — I donate these to our Church School, which is turning pennies into program materials. I rationalize that I am doing good works.

2. Match socks — I do this because I don’t like strays cluttering up the sock drawers. I rationalize this by telling myself that I am saving Mr. G, honey from hitting mismatched sock critical mass.

3. Clean the keyboard — I do this with Q-tips and tiny brushes from Lee Valley that Mr. G, honey bought for something special. I just can’t remember what. Don’t tell. I rationalize that I’m only practicing good keyboard hygiene, which is important.

4. Dust lightbulbs — This is an important activity. Everyone knows that if you don’t dust those suckers once in awhile they become a fire hazard. I rationalize that Smokey the Bear would be so proud.

5. Sharpen pencils — It’s the ultimate in procrastination. It requires no explanation.


What tells you you’re in procrastination mode?