Humpity Day: Let’s Go Back…

Put a Filter On It…

I posted this in 2016 and still love it. The filter is Glaze, something I don’t have anymore. Filters come and filters go as operating systems update, update, update.


I do feel a little glazed over by Mama Weenter this year. Who am I kidding? I say that every year. Just like clockwork. Moving right along.

In Other News ~

Aretha Franklin is rockin’ through my brain this morning. She’s not the Queen of Soul for nothing. Ohhhhhh FreeeeeDOM!

Name that tune!

Okay. This afternoon. I was getting the locks shorn and the bling put in at the parlor of beauty this morning. Or salon. Or barbershop. Or whatevs. That place where hair magic happens.

Is it wrong of me to be thinking about grilling right now? It’s 21 (feels like -10) Fahren or -6 (feels like -12) Celsius as I post. G-Man lives in Celsius, but I abide in Fahren. Seriously, that is a no-brainer to me.

In grilling weather, I’m all about eating a plate of salad indoors. ‘Cause, you know, bugs.

I’m ornery that way. In my defense, a mosquito bite looks like I’ve been sucked on by the undead mo.

Here be Hump Day.

Just put a filter on it. Oh. And listen to the Queen of Soul.