Where have I been?…

I tasted my first mojito last night. I know, all you mojito drinkers out there are in shock. I’m a little shocked myself. I had the classic mojito – white rum, sugar, mint, lime and club soda. I like all these things, especially rum mint. I just never put them all together before. Yum.

First it was the Spurtle, now it’s the Muddler. There was a spurtle in my Christmas stocking. It’s used to stir oatmeal while cooking. I cook oatmeal daily in the cold months — most of the year in Canada — but have yet to use my spurtle for stirring. Why? It’s just too pretty. It sits on my desk. Every once in a while I use it like a fairy godmother would — to grant wishes. The muddler is used to muddle, or crush, the mint for the mojito, or any other fruit or herb that needs crushing. It’s one of the basic bartender tools. Who knew.

If you click on the links, you’ll discover that the spurtle and the muddler are similar. In fact, you could probably use the top end of the spurtle to muddle and the bottom — for what the Scots intended — to…. well …… spurtle. Would that make less of an eco-footprint? Just sayin’. Life is complicated.

In truth, I won’t be muddling a lot this summer. It doesn’t take much to give me a mojito buzz. In fact, it doesn’t take much to give me any kind of buzz. I’m an easy buzz.

For the times I do muddle this summer, if you have a best-ever mojito recipe, I want to hear about it. Post it in the comments section. I’ll try it. After all, what’s summer without a little buzz?