Single Shot Monday: If It Looks Like Summer…

And it feels like summer…

The hottest of sweltering hot summers…

In Canadaland…



It’s autumn!

That beauty right up there had to have its backside, aka fence side, severely trimmed for the fencers. Sobs! It’s lucky. Everything else got a severe trim. And by trim I mean buzz cut. My mantra is — It’ll grow back. It’ll grow back. It’ll grow back.

We’re waiting until the last possible moment for the pulling of the tomato plants, which are thriving in this autumnal heat. Two more days max.

The upside to the heatwave, I got to fan myself on the couch and watch Wonder Woman, which I —  l-o-v-e — loved.

Anybody else see it?

And Monday is in the house.

Grab it and go!


Fridaaaaay!… Look This Way 3


What is it about trees and water? Water and trees.

Also my current mood.

My thoughts are with Barbuda and all the islands that come after her. They’re with Florida where I have family who are preparing for… what we can only imagine. And with Mexico coping with the aftermath of an earthquake. Western Canada and US, who are battling raging forest fires.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Be as safe and prepared as you can be.


Here be Friday.

Look this way.

Another shot from the Evergreen Brick Works at the Weston Family Quarry Garden and Don Valley Brick Works Park.