To market, to market…

As mentioned in a previous post, we visited more than one farm market on Prince Edward Island.

One was the Riverview Country Market in Charlottetown, where we bought and consumed some of the best dark pumpernickel (Holtzheuser Bros.) I’ve ever tasted, some Holland Gouda, and a Provolone that was aged and sharp. In fact, I feel compelled to run right down to the kitchen and have a little taste of that Provolone right now.

Chef Michael Smith has a great little video on Riverview Country Market. You can find it here. Better yet, hie thee to PEI and check it out for yourself. You know you want to.

My favorite spot was Balderston’s Farm Market, leading the farm market life on the Trans-Canada Highway — aka Route Transcanadienne — at Stratford, PE.

I love the little mini pumpkins perched atop this sign.

Balderston’s is where I picked up this:

AKA, Green Tomato Relish or Green Tomato Chow Chow. This was served with fish cakes I inhaled at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. I hunted everywhere for a jar to bring home.

The staff at Balderston’s assured me that this is eaten with any PEI holiday meal, be it turkey, ham, beef, pork, whatever. Wasn’t leaving without it. We eat holiday meals for all holidays.

Part of the exterior of this farm market. The farm is big. There are lots of pumpkins and autumn decorations on display right now, along with some brightly painted Adirondack chairs, which I tried with all my might to fit into the back of our car. No. Go.

Follow the pumpkin patch road.

Just begging for a home.

The day we stopped in here was windy. Everything was moving. You can see that in the market picture above.

I wanted to bring home a bag of new crop PEI potatoes and some Irish Cobbler potatoes (which are small, dry and white) and a dozen jars of pickles and chow, but we were planning a route home through the U.S., and there is something about bringing agricultural produce across the border. As it happens, we sprinted home through Canadaland.

Next time.

I’ll bring a truck.

I have no idea…

Stumped for a title is what I am. It happens.

I’m trying to deal.

I like glass.

Jars. Jugs. Carafes. Whatever.

Except for the time I fell through some.

Never mind.

I like glass. Jars. Jugs. Carafes. Whatever.

I use them for________________________everything.

And that’s why I’m eating this as fast as I can…

Braswell’s all natural dressings in a reusable carafe.

The carafe is a .25 liter container. It says so right on the glass. At least in Canadaland.

I’ve noticed more and more products being sold in canning jars that can be reused. And I do, reuse them that is.

Chef Michael Smith showcases Riverview Country Market in PEI ( in this video ) which sells dried beans and things in canning jars, so that you can return the jar like you would a beer bottle and get a credit. We’re planning a trip to PEI later in the year, and I hope to make a visit to RCM.

As for Braswell’s, I’m working my way through their all natural dressings, because I’m collecting those little carafes as fast as I can eat salad.

I usually make my own dressing, but I must say the dressings are very good. We’ve had the Balsamic Herb, the Raspberry Vinaigrette, the Vidalia Onion Peppercorn, and we’re just sampling the Peach Vanilla. I loved the Vidalia Onion Peppercorn, and the Peach Vanilla is light and yummy.

The packaging in the image at their Facebook page, which I linked to above, is slightly different from what I’m getting. I like mine better. It looks more homemade. Just that cute, little tag hanging from the neck of the carafe.

What am I doing with the carafes?

Well, I can make my own dressing and reuse them — they sport a little, silver pop lid. But I’m also planning to use them as little bud vases and for serving individual carafes of wine to guests. It would make a nifty toothbrush holder, too. Candy canes right down the center of the table at Christmas. Stop me now.

Someone will make a book reading lamp out of that, but it won’t be me. Go forth and Google the DIY community.

I’m probably going to drink lemonade, or summer tea, or wine directly from the carafe while writing. Why wash an extra glass?

What about you? Are there any bits of market/farm market/supermarket glass out there that you’re reusing? Repurposing?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Okay. I want to know.

Happy Hump Day!

Disclaimer: Braswell’s doesn’t know me. They’ve never heard of me or my little bloggity. I saw the dressing. I bought the dressing. I ate the dressing. I kept the carafe. The end.