Humpity Day: Premature Road Trip…

Clearly, the #newbrunswickroadtrip was premature.

Too early, I say.

Because, if I had just waited until the end of August, I might’ve, could’ve, mebbe watched Canadian artist Serena Ryder perform The Quietest Concert Ever: On Fundy’s Ocean Floor. That’s the title. I didn’t make that up.

I did get to see the CBC broadcast of the concert on television on September 25th though. It was verra cool. Verra.

A thousand concert goers descended a staircase (151 steps) at Herring Cove Beach (Alma, NB) to experience the wonders of Fundy National Park and a quiet concert (which, by the way, I had never even heard of before) through wireless headphones, at low tide.

Everything, except the audience, was helicoptered in and had to be assembled and disassembled before the tides rolled in again. That’s not a big window, folks.

Ryder, among other pieces, performed STOMPA, which has become a total earworm for me.

Can’t get it out of my head, and I just wanna stompa my feet.


I’m gonna share the earworm love.

Here it is being performed live…

And because we can always use the extra diversion on Hump Day, check out this music video.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just Stompa right over it.

Love you, Serena!

This be a blog quickie.