Single Shot Monday: Hold On…

I’m Comin’!

Sam & Dave will be on the brain now. All. Day.

Finally, the yellow pear tomatoes are making their presence known. I’m picking a lot of organic Jasper Hybrids and Siderno Hybrids now, but the heirloom yellow pears have been slow to form.

All the tomatoes in my garden this year are what I call pluck & eat. They are of the cherry variety. The Siderno are golf-ball sized. The Jasper are marble-sized.

They’re all tasty.

Tasty as can be.

You are on my mind, Texas.

You are on my mind, British Columbia.

Respect and gratitude to all first responders, volunteers, all who put themselves out there hour after hour, day after day, week after week in the aid of others. It is dangerous and selfless work. Godspeed!

And Monday is in the house.


Single Shot Monday: Are Those Leaves…


This will be quick and dirty, because everyone’s on solar eclipse brain.

We were at Evergreen Brick Works for Summer Wednesdays last Wednesday evening. We enjoyed local fare prepared by Forno Cultura — swordfish over roasted vegetables and blueberry crostata cooked in the outdoor wood-fired oven in the Children’s Garden. G-Man and I shared a plate so that, after a stroll, we could sample food truck fare in one of the pavilions, too. Priorities!

There are only two Summer Wednesdays left. We hope to hit one more. FYI ~ 5:30-10:00 p.m. Bringing your own cutlery is recommended. And be prepared to scrape and wash your plate! What fun!!

As I moved effortlessly through the washing station, the man doing oversight said, “I guess you know what you’re doing.” I laughed and said, “I’ve washed a plate or two.” And he replied, “You’d be surprised how many haven’t.”

Ha-ha, ho-ho, hee-hee.

This is part of the Weston Family Quarry Garden and Don Valley Brick Works Park.

It requires further investigation.

And Solar Eclipse Monday is in the house.

Make a memory.