The Silencer, it’s a good thing…

I’m trying to get this post out before the cable gets cut in the front yard. I’m not saying it will be cut. I’m just saying it’s likely/possible/probable. This arrived on my front lawn this morning at 7:45 am. I think the stork brought it.

This was an unexpected week. Mr. G, honey caught a summer cold 13 days ago that morphed into a small pneumonia. Yeah, that’s what they call it. A small pneumonia. He has been down for the count since last Friday…. the date of my last post.

Two words.

Sleep. Deprivation.

I has it.

It reminds me of having a newly born in the house, only they aren’t hacking up hairballs every half hour, nor are they coughing up a lung on the hour. They are just eating-pooping machines, and raise their little hands periodically to let you know that.

I tried moving down the hall. Shutting doors. Making a fort in the den. Burrowing under pillows. I might have considered tenting in the backyard, if it wasn’t for the intervals of thunder and lightning, not to mention wandering raccoons.

Hey. City girl here.

Speaking of thunder and lightning. This pneumonia scenario was exacerbated by Golden Pup having developed a keen horror of thunderstorms. She pants, she paces, she drools buckets and trembles from nose to tail. She sits under my desk, walks into the bathroom and stands with her nose pressed to the far wall. She looks at me with those big, brown Golden Retriever eyes and says, “Mama?” She follows me everywhere, and will not place a delicate Golden paw in the back garden if there is even a hint of rain on the patio. Oh, boy.

Three words.

Heightened. Sleep. Deprivation.

There was no time for posting/texting/tweeting/Facebook-ing. When I wasn’t picking up the slack for Pneumonia Boy’s indoor and outdoor chores, or soothing the 80 lb. Golden Pup, I was in a stupor.

Yes, Readers, a stupor. My brain was on numb.

Then a miracle happened.

The doctor, my BMFF — best medical friend forever — prescribed that wonder of all drugs, cough syrup.

The good kind.

The kind where you can’t operate dangerous machinery, which Mr. G, honey does all the time. Totally.

The kind you only take at night.

The kind I call The Silencer.

Last night I got a few hours of sleep. Not as many as I wanted, because a lot of hacking and coughing goes on before The Silencer takes hold. Then there was the whole ringing of the doorbell at 7:45 this morning, when I was still doing a total face plant into my pillow.

Between the antibiotics and The Silencer, I have hope in my heart for the days ahead.

Today, there are no Finds on the Feed. There was no reading of feeds this week.

Today, there is no Happy Dance of JOY!!!. There was no perusing of the YouToobs this week.

But today, there is a post.

It’s a good thing.

TGIF, baby!

Note: The cable WAS accidentally cut in the middle of writing this post. I had to hie myself over to the Super Techlet to get this on the interwaves. You’ll see me when you see me.