Humpity Day: I’ll Take A Slice… + True Confessions


With Sky!

November is golden. Golden, I say.


Let’s play the desaturation game!

Is that a word? Desaturation? WP doesn’t like it. I like it. I like it just fine.


Without Sky!

I love me some golden November.


I’ll take a slice!

True Confessions ~

I have a stress hangover from live-streaming last night. Not to mention sleep deprivation.

Why was there no Single Shot Monday you ask? I’m going to tell you. Sunday night, my eight month old iPhone died. Died beyond recovery. I discovered this on Monday when I spent the morning with fabu tech support in Texas and Oklahoma. To. No. Avail. Something had put a stake through its data-loving heart. I spent the afternoon at an Apple store getting the phone replaced with a new one. The good news is that I had recently backed up to iTunes. The bad news is that I had some clicks on it that were not recoverable. The really bad news is that I didn’t know how addicted I was to its data-loving, app-giving heart until it gave me the black screen.

I spent eleventy-hundred dollars getting the hair highlighted and blow-dried into submission this morning, and then took a beautiful November walk which totally rearranged it. Not in a good way. Now it feels more like a charitable donation than a payment for services rendered. Just sayin’.

I don’t like falling back any more than I like springing forward.

Here be Humpity Day. What can I say?

Distract yourself with the clicks. And feel free to confess something, so I’m not left with my true confessions hanging out here. Sad. And alone.


Little Miss Debbie D.