Tuesday Post: I can’t decide…

Walk Into Autumn!

And keep going.

It’s good for us to be out in nature. Good for our bodies. Good for our psyches.

Good for our emotional well-being.

Good. Good. Good.

This image was taken in October of 2015 at Edwards Gardens, natch. I took this same shot in August of the same year, when it was shades of green. Go on. Click it bigger. You know you want to.

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

Who is your favorite female vocalist of all time?

I’ll go first.

Besides the incomparable Aretha Franklin, it would have to be Etta James. Yes, I’m called to Rhythm & Blues and Soul.

And… Who is your favorite male vocalist of all time? 

Ray Charles. And Van Morrison.

Yep. I see a pattern.

I have an eclectic love of music, so narrowing it down to these few is difficult. I could name a dozen+ more from various genres. Gotta start somewhere.

Reach back as far as you want to go, or just stay right here in the present.


Tuesday, y’all.