Single Shot Monday: Where’s mah little umbrella drink?… +


Color and texture! May 2014 at Edwards Gardens. My mind is on tulips as the Canadian Tulip Festival approaches. May 11-21 in Ottawa.


I bought all the plants. Just kidding. But I bought a few this past weekend. Getting ahead of the Mother’s Day crush at the nurseries. Plants that make good clipping  flowers. Plants I can eat… if the pigmunks, the demon squirrels, and the undead bunnies don’t take big, juicy bites out of them first. Climbing plants. Hanging plants. They’re all sunning themselves on the patio like they’re at an all-inclusive island resort.

Where’s mah little umbrella drink, ma’am?

And Monday’s in the house.

Stop thinking about umbrella drinks and git to work.

Is that just me?