Fridaaaaay!… aka I Could Peddle Down the Road Right Now

park_national_mall_washington_dc_elengrey_may_2013 (1280x956)

And go here!

If you’re thinking Ireland, I can’t blame you.



This was taken in the park at the National Mall, Washington, D.C. in May of 2013.

Let’s just blink ourselves back there. It’s raining. But who cares?

In Other News ~

It’s awfully quiet in our neighborhood.

Is it quiet in your neighborhood, too?

All the mini-mes — backpacks strapped to their backs, shoulders hunched — headed back to school the day after Labour Day here in my neck of Canadaland. The crossing guard, who had mysteriously gone missing sometime at the end of June, just as mysteriously reappeared Tuesday morning. She’s wily that way. The bells at the Catholic school resumed their ringing — morning welcome, recess, lunch, recess, and end of day mini-mes be gone.

What was left of the neighborhood on Tuesday was like a valley of the dead — the quiet of the eternal sleep.

Nothing but the sound of the September bees humming and buzzing.

The Canada Geese weren’t even honking, man.

Thus endeth Elen’s lament.

TGIF, baby!

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


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