Tuesday Post: It could be a word…

Seriously, I’m kinda over the whole extreme heat wave thingy we’ve had going on over the Canada Day weekend and into this week. It can stop any moment. Any moment at all. As in…

Now, now, Now!

I admit it. It makes me tired and cranky.


It could be a word.

And by extreme heat, I mean temps in the high 90’s with the humidex into the 110-113 Fahren range.

It didn’t stop me from baking a strawberry pie. Or roasting a pan of veggies. Or cooking a pork tenderloin.

But I had to get up at the crack of the holiday to do it.

Time to break out the slow cooker.

I did that too.

I know. First world problems, right?

The tomato plants were trainky too.

We changed the water in the birdbath twice a day. I know the cardinal drinking from it mid-afternoon appreciated my vigilance.

Still, the temps required me to slow right down. I took a few siestas and read a gazillion words. That can’t be all bad.

But — you know — it’s Canada, man.

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

So. Hot weather or cold weather? 

What’s your ideal?

Tuesday, y’all!


Note: Image taken at Port Hope Agri-Fair in September of 2015.