Gum boot this and wellie that…

This is my favorite April fashion accessory necessity. I wouldn’t leave the back door without them; sometimes the front door, too.

I pulled them out this morning, wiped them down, took a few photos of them for you here, reading this post. Then, I tucked my yoga pants around my legs, stuck my bare feet in them, and squished and squelched around the back yard for an unspecified amount of time.

I looked for more green sprouts. Squish. I waited for Golden Pup to do her business. Squelch. I stood over my woodland violets and contemplated the universe. Squish. Squelch.

I will be repeating this process many, many times over the next month. Probably into May. Maybe June, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.

Gum boots, rain boots, Wellies, Wellingtons, rubber boots. They have many names and many great looks. I just don’t happen to have one — a great look that is.

These are mine:

I know. Your mind immediately leaps to suburban sex goddess. Mine, too. Don’t they look fat? That is a puny little, gum-booty size 7.

Hey! I’m a Northern Girl — living in the Great White North, living in the suburbs of Canadaland. This is what I’ve got to work with in April.

Have another look. I can feel the lust in your heart all the way through the intertoobs.

We think about tread here 24/7, 365 days out of the year. AKA, all the time.

See. Tread. Would you just look at that. See that cute little maple leaf? Made in Canadaland.

So far this April, it has snowed, snow-rained, rained, heavy rained, windy rained — that rain goes sideways and is impervious to an umbrella and rain slicker. And it is only the 4th of April. Good times.

Now, these wellies are spoken for. But if you look around, you can get something less more sexy, adorable, fun, accessory-worthy. See?

One of the gazillion pair of awesome wellies I found at Zappos here. FYI — Zappos knows me not. Me, they do not know. Just so we’re clear on that.

Oops. Someone is crooking his finger at me. It looks like Sven. AKA the second orneriest muse on the planet. His eyes are all squinchy. They could freeze that way. Just saying, Sven.

Gotta go.

Quick. What is your must have April accessory? Go ahead. I won’t be upset if it’s something really fine and hot looking.