#TBT: This is it…

Paper Airplane

This is going to be quick.

Quick and dirty.

Because it doesn’t need to be more than it is.

It is self-evident.

I hold this to be true.

This is exactly how it feels.


Courtesy of Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd.


Cheap GPS

This is exactly what it feels like when I’m working on a story. Sometimes.

Much cheer.


From Feeding the Writing Beast… (2008)


Most of the time.


ALL of the time.

Does it feel this way for you too?

In Other News ~

I’m teaching G-Man how to make bucket dough.

Passing the torch.

Yesterday, we made a cinnamon raisin bread with the buttermilk dough and a small boule to finish off the dough. Then G-Man put together his first buttermilk bucket dough. He did a great job.

My writer’s butt will be expanding exponentially.

Not exactly the writing beast you want to be feeding.


And my Throwback Thursday work here is done.


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