70 Days of Sweat – Round 2

312 is my new lucky number! I just signed-up for the 70 Days of Sweat Writing Challenge – Round 2, and I was registrant no. 312. Yep! I’m gonna sweat with Sven.

You agree to write anywhere from 750 to 1500 words per day. I’m writing 1,000. Why 1,000, you ask? It’s simple. I’m into watching The Tudors right now. Can we say Jonathan Rhys Meyers? Anne Boleyn has arrived on the scene, which makes me think of Anne of the Thousand Days, hence 1,000 words.

Sigh. That’s how my writerly mind works. Go figure.

The challenge began October 15th and ends January 15th. I’m already four days behind, but I’ve been given 23 playdays, which means I have only 19 left.

I’ll be reporting my progress here. Check out Sven in the sidebar. Who wouldn’t want to sweat with Sven?

Uh-oh. Sven just crooked his finger at me. Looks like I’m dropping to the mat for 1,000…


4 thoughts on “70 Days of Sweat – Round 2

  1. You and me both, Elen. I have committed to 750 words a day because I’m editing/revising/rewriting. And I’m pre-writing the second project. Which means I stare at photographs and out the window a lot while my brain plots.

    Happy writing!


  2. Elen,

    With 19 days to play, you can’t possibly go wrong!

    I should be at 6,000 by day’s end, but I’m at just over 3,000, and chances are good I’ll be too busy doing job stuff the rest of the day to pile any more words on top.

    When I have days like this, I make a deal with myself that’s similar to the 15 Minutes post Diana made over at 70 days: tomorrow, I get to wake up an hour or so early and have the world to myself to write.

    Of course, I like rising early, and I’ll do almost anything for coffee.

    Happy writing,


  3. Sheryl – If I know you, and I do, you’ll be in the shower with those crayons plotting-out in no time! 😉


  4. Hey Shawn – Thanks for dropping by with the encouragement! I’m sending the Big E right back to you. I hear you on the coffee!!

    Good writing,

    Elen, goddess of the exclamation point!


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