Boo! and Sweating with Sven…2


If you hang out at JoAnn Ross Writers Group, you can STOP reading now. We writers need to save time when we can.

Fresh out of dreamland this morning, I stumbled semiconscious (and late) down the stairs to grovel in front of the coffeemaker. While I was waiting for the drip-drip-splash, I cranked open the blinds on the front door just in time to see a youth stride by wearing a headdress and wielding a tomahawk. This did give me pause. I might have even heard the gears and gizmos in my brain begin to grind.

If there had been an elevator shaft with me hanging by my fingertips, I would have thought I was still dreaming. I don’t think the writing is going well. There were two elevators in my dream last night. One was the size of a sardine can and getting ever smaller; the other…just an empty shaft. Yikes! I think I’m feeling some stress. This could be good stress, right?

My report to Sven this morning goes like this — Dreck. Dreck, dreck, dreck, dreck,…..DRRRRECK! We’re not even going to the mat. Sven, You’ve Got Mail!

Elen says, Happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “Boo! and Sweating with Sven…2

  1. I have a theory that everyone is tired because of the stupid change in daylight savings time. It feels like we are waking up in the middle of the night and trying to go to work. Don’t worry, your drecking word count will get better once the sunrise is at a normal time. πŸ™‚


  2. Laura,

    Too true. I don’t like getting up in the dark. I feel dull. A really great side benefit of this challenge is meeting all these new people. Thanks for stopping by…twice! Go Sven!!


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