The Year of the Bad Housekeeper…

It’s the 9th day of Christmas, and my true love should be giving me nine drummers drumming. Frankly, I’d rather have nine housekeepers keeping.

It may be the Year of the Red Fire Pig in Chinese culture, but 2007 was the Year of the Bad Housekeeper for me. We did the slapdash, lick and a promise cleaning and called it a day. When I say we, I actually mean me.

I have excuses reasons. We had a major reno, which caused a lot of extra dust and dirt and disarray. My website was built. The blog you’re reading was created, thanks to the genius that is WordPress. I did some serious writing. I could jump in here and say, “It is what it is.” But, Lake Superior State University has it is what it is on their 2008 list of banished words and phrases. Guess not.

Which brings me to today. I just spent six designated Sven hours defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator. Cleaning LadyCould I have put it off? I don’t think so. I had already been doing that for a year! The refrigerator was beginning to look more like an ice box with ice pressing silently forward, creeping by inches, pushing against the door. Insert Jaws theme here.

For those of you doing shock & horror — and if you’re a writer, I’m guessing you’re not — yes, yes, I was wiping out all the food bins regularly. Still, FlyLady would not be pleased.

Instead of kicking-back with a good read this evening, I’ll be spending quality time with Sven. So, Mr. G, honey, how about those nine housekeepers keeping!


p.s. The Fisheye Lens photographs that you find here at my blog are the work of talented photographer, Sharon Dominick and found at iStockphoto.