Honey….Does this title make me look fat?

I’m doing Extreme Sven today. Six days left. So, this is what you get. Go forth and discover your own peculiar aristocratic title.

I think this title makes me look fat. It makes me look fat, right?

Does it look like a fat title to you?

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Venerable Lady Elen the Amicable of Lardle Midhoop


10 thoughts on “Honey….Does this title make me look fat?

  1. Lady Rebekah the Essential of Throcking in the Hole

    ….ummmm…. ahhh…. ok… I dont know what to say…. but I will say…. that just sounds dirty!….


  2. Ummmm. Bubbles….I don’t know what to say either. Sounds like you’re in a rough part of town. Sounds like Spidey might make regular visits there. 🙂


  3. Baroness Keziah the Introspective of Hope End – I like it. It has a nice ring of optimism 🙂 I think I may use that on something. I always wanted to be a baroness. I felt sorry for her in Sound of Music LOL


  4. I’m going to say “Sven is going well,” despite the fact that I’m disappointed in my overall word count and the number of days I skipped out on writing. I’ve maintained better habits overall since I started, so I’m pleased with that. How’s Sven treating you?


  5. Matt – I think many of us, including myself, are a little disappointed in our overall word count. Sven and I, shall we say, have an uneasy alliance. Um. Okay. I admit it. We butt heads. A lot. 😉 I won’t make my numbers, but I’m glad for the work I’ve done and the writers I’ve met. I’ll do it again. What about you?


  6. Oh yeah, I will definitely do it again. It’s a lot easier to motivate myself when I’ve got people coming to my blog and yelling at me to keep writing. 😉 It helps to see other writers having the same problems I have. I feel like less of a fraud that way.


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