Breaking Up is Hard to Do … Sven…11

As the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge comes to a close today and my time with the mat master ends, the 1962 pop hit Breaking Up is Hard to Do, written by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield and performed by Neil Sedaka, keeps rolling through my brain. I’ve been belting it out for days, but it sounds nothing like Neil. Trust me.

Other talented singers have since performed this #1 Billboard Hot 100. If you get a chance, go. Listen. Renee Olstead renders a slower, jazz version that will have you cuddled on the dance floor with that special someone. Oh, and that gorgeous male voice and piano accompaniment you’re hearing is Peter Cincotti. I think I’ve fallen a little head-over-heels for his music.

It’s time. Time to say good-bye to Sven. We’ve had some good months together. Lots of mat work. Plenty of word count crunches. Oh. Sure. There were a few zillion eye rolls (mostly me), a bunch of raised eyebrows (mostly Sven). We used our outside voices….a lot! And. Okay. It’s true. I ditched him a couple of times to hang out with girl friends. Shh!

I got used to the sweat and even started to tolerate that little finger crook he’s so good at. I think I fell just a teensy bit in love.

As for numbers — 50460 of 70000. I can live with that. In fact, I can even smile about that. Sven’s doing that little lip twitch thingie again. Grrr.

Breaking up. Yeah. It’s hard to do. But, what romance writer doesn’t believe in second chances? So……See you on the mat Sven, honey.



4 thoughts on “Breaking Up is Hard to Do … Sven…11

  1. I didn’t reach my goal but I made a lot of progress that would have taken longer to accomplish without Sven. Plus, a good looking man to get me in shape as a bonus 🙂


  2. Just so. Sven was one yummy mat master. 😉

    You made some verra fine progress, Miss Keziah. Go Sven!

    I was at a downtown pub with the sweetie for lunch. It had a real neighborhood look and feel to it. The dining room was an extension of the bar. Joe was having a birthday. We all sang to Joe. Half an hour later the owner slash bartender raised a glass and shouted, “Let’s all have a drink.” I imagined the room filled with Sven Challengers! 🙂 Slainte!


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