Move your eyes to the right. Just a tad more. Yeah. Right there. In the sidebar. The hottie pointing his finger. You!…Write! That’s Conn — He who must be obeyed. He’s my latest muse — sort of a mat master muse.

Conn showed up when Sven finished the last 70 Days of Sweat challenge and ran off to Fiji with Birgit for a loooong stretch of rest & rec. Lucky Birgit.

I’ve decided I’m keeping him.

Julie Garwood, one of my favorite historical and contemporary writers, wrote several historical titles — Honor’s Splendour, The Bride, The Secret, Saving Grace, The Wedding, and Ransom — (to name a few) in which the Highland warrior was finding the mate of his heart and…….keeping her.

So, I’m keeping Conn. Just like all those bright English and Highland lasses kept their warriors… back!

I hear through the blogvine that 70 Days of Sweat is about to begin another challenge on March 1. Check it out. I’m sure Sven will be wearing a big ol’ post-Fiji-Birgit grin and prowling the mat, ready to take on the next bunch of Sven Sweaters. Go Sven!

If you have a chance, you must visit Garwood’s website. It’s innovative and just loads of fun to click around in. I really loved opening and closing the windows and removing books from the shelves. And, if you’re an historical reader like me, well… let’s just say all of these titles are on my keeper shelf.

Conn 2

I’m keeping you, Conn!