Winter Crazies…

It’s official. I just opened a Snow Stand on my driveway. Could be the street. Who can tell? I’m selling snow. 10¢ a bucket. No limit. Free goldfish with every bucket. Melt snow. Throw in goldfish. Yes. I have to charge you for the snow. Goldfish is free.

Where’s a cartoonist when you need one?

I console myself with a snow-hottie. He doesn’t even need a badass snowblower.

Snow Shoveling

C’mere, snow-hottie. Baby, it’s cold outside!


13 thoughts on “Winter Crazies…

  1. It warmed up enough and rained(!) enough to melt most of the stuff, except of course for the mountains the plows piled up. Another front is coming. I had a taste of warmth at Celebrate Romance in South Carolina and now I have Wanna-be-spring-fever. Hang tough, Elen. It’s bound to be warm again one of these days. Isn’t it?

    And this is global warming?



  2. ahhh… enjoy the snow! I am off to the beach! A high of 82 this weekend!! Peace out, gotta wax up the surf boards!



  3. looks like we’re in for some major snow here too… here’s hoping for a snow-day, as tomorrow i have a class, a situation that should be banned at all schools


  4. lol A snow stand, here in wisconsin, I think I could run one year around, It would he hilarious to see though, in reality, someone sitting outside, selling snow….hmmm If I do it ill post some pictures we just got our fist snow of the year


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